Monday, October 1, 2012

two months

Dear Linnea,

Today you are two months old. You've started to smile and coo at your dad and me (and also random people, because you are such a charmer). You have also discovered your left hand.

The lesson that you've been teaching me this month is to not over-anticipate things. I find myself worrying about things that could occur, instead of letting you show me how you'll deal with it. We left for a walk last week with you asleep, and when you woke up a few minutes later, I almost abandoned the outing because I was afraid you would be too tired and miserable. In the end, I decided to continue. A few minutes later, you fell back asleep. Even when you woke up 20 minutes later, you stayed calm and alert. After an initial period of being anxious about your waking up, I just let you lead us, and you did great.

[However, your dad and I took you on two outings yesterday, and you were not happy about having missed two naps.]

You have started sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches. You squeal in your sleep, and have started twisted around in your bassinet, so even though we put you down lengthwise, you squirm around until your face is pressed up against the side netting. You still occasionally fight sleep; when you are drifting off, you'll suddenly slam your face into our chests and rub it against our shirts until you wake yourself up. You have just started staying awake a little longer between sleep sessions, and we let you kick and flail your arms on the floor. You smile and giggle when I tickle your stomach, or after you're done feeding (and even sometimes in anticipation of feeding). You now stay calm for your bath, and tolerate us washing your hair. Sometimes you try to sneeze, and the sound you make after the frustration of failure melts my heart.

You still hate pacifiers.

You hardly ever cry now, which is a relief to your dad and me. I hope it means that you're mostly content. We are taking an infant massage class together, and I'm hoping that this will help us bond and will allow me to help you adjust through some of the rougher transitions upcoming.

  • Number of times your dad and I have forgotten to strap you into your car seat before driving off: 1
  • Number of people who have held you outside of the family: 3
  • Number of Frasier episodes we've gone through on Netflix as of today: 109
  • Number of times I kiss your face after you've fallen asleep in my arms: 5-10

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