Monday, November 26, 2012

four months

[FYI: I'm counting "months" as "weeks," so this is actually "16 weeks"]

Dear Linnea,

You are four months old today. We are celebrating this age milestone with a trip to Vegas to visit your grandparents.

I am pretty sure that the minute people on our flight saw you, their disappointment on sharing a flight to VEGAS BABY YEAH with an infant evaporated the moment they saw your footie pajamas. Oh, who am I kidding? These people had already been drunk for at least 2 hours.

Speaking of the flight, I was so very nervous about taking you on a plane by myself. I made detailed lists about three weeks in advance. You turned out to be a rock star flier, so everybody's a winner. Because VEGAS BABY YEAH.

We have been weaning you out of your swaddle. Your dad and I imagined we would do it once you forced the issue, i.e., learning to roll over. You did force it; however, it was because you went from "oh hey, the swaddle" to "WHY DO YOU HATE MY FREEEEDOMMMM!?" over the course of two days. During the first night, you slept awesomely with one arm out. I woke and listened in mute apprehension as you sucked on your left hand to put yourself back to sleep. You were a champ at putting yourself back to sleep, and now I am embarrassed because clearly I did not think you capable of this. You are obviously a capable person, and your mom's fear of mistakes might be the only thing that can pen you in. Stick with me, kid: there will be plenty more underestimation and anxiety where that came from.

[It turned out that that you did start to try and roll over this week, so I'm glad that we went ahead with the Banning of the Swaddle operation.]

We finally set up your room. As you've been getting more aware of everything, it suddenly felt odd to nurse you in one space, change your diaper in another, and put you down for naps in still another. Now, most activities are in your room, with the exception of playtime because I like having you out be able to look out of the sliding glass doors. Like a nature aquarium.

After trying to stuff your increasingly mobile limbs into your old clothing, I finally came to my senses and pulled out the 3-6 month outfits. They are still a bit too big, but you don't seem to notice.

You are getting WAY strong, and have been pushing off forcefully with your feet. This has made bathtime a little more challenging.

Something is going on in that brain of yours, because you have started getting more distracted while feeding, and keep looking around and then back at me as if to say, "how about that depth perception, AMIRITE?!" You are more observant, watchful. You stare at things and stick your tongue out in concentration, just like your father. Your eyes follow me around the room.

You giggle when I tickle your tummy. You now prefer humming/singing when we try to get you to sleep. My choices are Simon and Garfunkel, Beach Boys, and musicals; your dad's are the more age-appropriate "Make New Friends" and "Frère Jacques" (although he does like to throw in "We Are Young" on occasion).

We are getting ready for you to start daycare next week, which means more lists, flowcharts, planning on my part. After some initial frustration, you have been taking a bottle from your dad every morning. LIKE A BOSS.

Thanks for persevering with me for these four months, Linnea. I think we're getting the hang of it.

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