Monday, February 11, 2013

Taking my infant daughter to a bar at night: good idea, or greatest idea?

I decided to crash the start of SF Beer Week by bringing Linnea out to the Rose and Crown on Sunday evening.

(photo by Les Fletcher)

I wanted to let the other regulars know why I had suddenly gone incognito for the last 15 months. Can I just say that maneuvering a stroller through a crowded bar of drunk people is probably not the putting me in the running for Mother of the Year? However, people were mostly receptive, probably because I wasn't drinking and we only stayed for 20 minutes. Just enough time, however, to make Les's non-existent ovaries ache.

(photo by Jay Hansen)

Linnea did great, as she is wont to do; she really loves being around people. How two introverts managed to produce a socializer is beyond me.

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