Friday, April 5, 2013

a moment

So the story for the last few weeks: I've been drowning. We've had some staff transitions in the course, which means that I am currently managing/coordinating both years of my medical school course (whereas my actual responsibility lies just with the first year). In addition, my course director is also currently ward attending, which makes me the de facto decision-maker for a lot of issues. Linnea is also going through "a thing" and waking up at night again to nurse. I am so very, very tired.

And yet it's already spring.

However, we have hired a new second year manager, who will be awesome. My days of extracting details from the opaqueness that is the spring quarter curriculum will soon be at an end. And my first crazy-town day of the quarter (students are in six different places at the same time) went relatively smoothly.

I am grateful for the Sunday morning when Linnea, after rolling around in the bed with us for about an hour, nuzzled into my arm, sucked her thumb, and fell asleep. She's not a cuddly kind of kid (her general MO is to pinch the shit out of your arm, and then look at you incredulously when you respond strongly), so I was touched at this rare moment of affection and trust.

This photo essay on a father-daughter dance in Richmond City jail touches my heart.

Enolase [via io9].

Beautiful remembrances of Roger Ebert who, with Gene Siskel, taught me how to watch movies.

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Molly said...

I hope you get your head above water soon, Madika. You are seriously amazing to be handling all of that. You might feel like you aren't, there's no doubt in my mind that you are! PS--That daddy-daughter photo essay made me cry.