Monday, May 6, 2013

nine months

Dear Linnea,

For your nine month day, you are experiencing another first: your first work conference. You did awesome. You conquered stairs, letting other people hold you while I did my presentation, and understanding effective feedback models. Your dad was able to come with us for half of the time, for which I am totally grateful.

You are spending almost all of your time crawling around, trying to stand up, babbling. You are trying to walk before your muscles will support you. You are trying to talk before your mouth can form the words.

One day, when I picked you up from daycare, Fernanda told me that you had been trying to pull yourself up to standing, and falling. "Some other babies give up," she said. But not you. You kept pulling up, pulling up. You do the same in the bathtub, holding on to the smooth edges of the tub, slipping and falling. You sometimes smack the water in frustration. But no crying. Not giving up. This tenacity will come back to bite me in the ass someday soon, but for now, I just gawkingly admire it.

We are trying to keep you out of the kitchen and bathroom, mostly because those are where all the cleaning supplies are. Also, there are nooks and crannies that we can never possibly babyproof. You know you are not supposed to into those rooms. I know this because you'll gallumph quickly over to the carpet-linoleum boundary between the allowed-not allowed space, stop abruptly, and turn to look at me. Then you'll slowly inch your way into the space. Sometimes, you'll turn yourself parallel, almost as if to gloat, "I'm not in here!"

You start to cry if I leave you in a room all by yourself, and try to crawl after me. You eat everything we give you. You are doing a great job picking up Cheerios and snack puffs with your thumb and pointer finger.

Your smile lights up my day.

Happy ninth month, kiddo.

nine months

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