Thursday, June 6, 2013

ten months

Dear Linnea,

Today, you are ten months old.

ten months

This has been a busy month. You've taken two trips with me: one to a work conference in Southern California, and one to Las Vegas for a wedding/grandparent time. You slept pretty well in these strange environments, but you did need some middle-of-the-night comfort to get back to sleep.

Somehow this month, you went from falling asleep while strangers (not a true "stranger danger" person, but new to you) hold you to developing some separation anxiety. You are OK to be with other people when I am around, but once I leave the room, you start crawling around to look for me, and your eyes fill with tears if you can't find me right away. You will not be comforted by anyone but me. I thought that I would find this exhausting, but surprisingly, it's only been mildly distressing. I cuddle your body against mine, and you plant the side of your face against my chest.

Your grandpa, however, has said that you are now out of his will.

Our conversations had been going like this:
Me: Mama.
You: Dada!
Me: Mama.
You: (whispered) Dada.

However, suddenly, unpredictably, you started saying "Mama" clearly. Like a real one, not the accidental one that you sometimes blubber out when you're crying and expressing your frustration through pursed lips. And then it passed. It was nice while it lasted.

Your dad gives you a bath every night. I love that you have this time with him.

The scariest moment of the month for me (no, of the entirety of your life) is when you fell off the bed and landed on your head. I am still feeling devastated by that moment.

On the flip side, you make faces like this now:

10 months

Happy ten-month birthday, kiddo.

ten months

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