Saturday, July 6, 2013

eleven months

Dear Linnea,

Welp. Here we are at eleven months.

eleven months

First of all, this:

You are becoming quite the problem-solver.You pulled yourself to standing underneath your dad's desk, using his chair. You proceeded to bounce up and down, and knocked your head on the underside of the desk. You threw your head back to look at the bottom of the desk, and then slowly raised and lowered yourself on your toes to figure out how high you could bounce without hitting your head. You then started bouncing up and down again, but not quite as vigorously, and avoided hitting your head on the desk for the remainder of that session.

You also wanted more puffs from the container that I had put on the coffee table. You tried to reach for the container itself, but when you were unable to grab it (even on your tip toes), you reached for the envelope that the container was sitting on, pulled that towards you, and then grabbed the container. I watched you wave it around, bang it on the floor and table, attempt to pull off the lid, try to squeeze it with all your might, and shake the whole thing. Smart girl.

You are now standing (at first only for a second, with your arms raised triumphantly before crashing down. And now, many seconds at a time, so long that you wind up getting bored and sitting down yourself)...

...but a couple of days ago, you took your first step. This is not the captured moment, but it shows your concentration on this task:

I took you to the medical school graduation, and you met the senior associate dean of medical education. He immediately began speaking to you in a Donald Duck voice. Charmer.


We also had your Very First Emergency Room Visit. You are fine. You kept trying to pull the pulse ox off of your big toe. This does not bode well for shoes.

We took you to the park, and you were not a fan of the grass. I never knew someone could scuttle up my knee with only one extremity touching the ground at a time, but I guess we all see something new everyday.

In a month, you'll be a year old. I am still using this baby app on my iPhone, and I remember when you were first born and it was all "Linnea Hatsumi turns 1 on Aug 6, 2013 in 360 days" and I was all like, "that shit is forever away" and now it says "Linnea Hatsumi turns 1 on Aug 6 2013 in 31 days" and I'm all like, "DAAAYYYYUMMMMM."

You are funny and sweet and laugh when I make animal noises and swing you around by your legs. Happy almost birthday, kiddo.

eleven months

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