Tuesday, August 6, 2013

one year

Dear Linnea,

Today, you are one year old.

one year old

Eleven months and 30 days ago, we got in the car, drove down to the hospital, and met each other face-to-face.

You have taken your first steps. You love giving and receiving raspberries. You hate getting your face wiped. You love fruit, Cheerios, and anything resembling adult food instead of baby food. You are renown in daycare for your voracious appetite. You are babbling and pointing. You like to be held, and you like to "run." You giggle when I tickle your belly and your armpits. You like getting surprised when I jump at your from around the around. When we let you walk around naked before your bath, you slap your hands against your belly.

one year

When we put socks on you, you immediately pull them off. You do the same for hats, shirts as we're pulling them over your face, and your feeding bib when you are DONE.

You are getting your first molars, and are occasionally miserable. I am sorry, kiddo. Those look like the worst thing ever coming in.

I tried to get some nicer photos of you for your birthday, but you were not having any of it.

one year
one year
one year

You are very insistent about things that you care about, but let a lot of things slide off your back. For example, when you want something, you are incredibly vocal about it, and do a face-plant temper tantrum if you don't get it. However, you have run into coffee tables, the bed, door frames, bookshelves, chairs, the floor, our legs: and after you fall you get right back up again.

Over the last year, you have nursed 2,647 times (for 30,532 minutes, or 508.87 hours, or 21.2 days). You've slept in our home for 4792.95 hours (or 199.7 days). You have spent over 50% of your life sleeping this year.

I feel like I should make this post more momentous, but I am still reeling from the shock and awe of having you in our lives.

Happy first birthday, gomachan. We love you to bits and pieces (which is what you also do to any piece of paper in your hands).

one year

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