Friday, October 11, 2013

a week of Sundays

It's been a while.

So, since the last time I've posted, Linnea turned 13, then 14 months. She runs around with her hands up high, like she's about to do a somersault. She has also had her first black eye, and her first fat lip, courtesy of overzealous playtime at daycare (I spent those 2 weeks trying to look extra affectionate in public, for fear that someone would glance over and immediately call CPS). I think she things she is saying words. She points to her nose when we ask where it is (or, more specifically, she sticks her index finger way up into her nostril). This will clearly need to be remedied before the debutante ball.

Weekends are family time, that I mostly spend over-planning for the upcoming week. Saturdays involve trips to the laundromat, meal planning, and sad attempts to make things as stimulating as daycare (which for sure is a failure, because it is just me, Whit, Linnea, and a 900-ft2 apartment, and not 50 kids screaming while running is entirely different directions). Sundays start with grocery store shopping, the farmer's market, and coffee from our favorite local roasters. I then disappear into the kitchen for the next 8 hours to prep, bake, and cook for the week. In increasingly desperate attempts to get vegetables into the kiddo, I have resorted to some bonkers menu ideas. I mean, really, saag paneer? I'm pretty sure I could have told myself that this wouldn't work at the words "these are not strawberries" (although it was tasty).

It sounds a little like complaining, but I actually am enjoying being back in the kitchen and getting my hands covered in butter or butternut squash seeds or miso paste.

Every piece of Pyrex we have gets used up on Sunday, and slowly over the course of the week they return to their cabinet. It's a nice homecoming.

Three weeks' worth of Sunday walks:

Sunday walk
sunday walk
14 months

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