Thursday, January 2, 2014

winter break in Minnesota

I agreed to pack up an active toddler, leave Northern California (and its daytime high of 65 degrees), and take a four-hour plane trip to Minnesota. This was the forecast for December 29:

We made the trip so that Linnea could meet her aunt Brooke and cousin Isabella for the first time, and also see her paternal grandparents, whom she hadn't seen for 10 months. All noble reasons, I'm sure. But -2 degrees as a high? That just seems unreasonable.

Linnea got to experience her first white Christmas.

winter break 2013

She tried to put her hands in the snow, and immediately regretted it. We pulled her around the block in a sled. She did not move once during the entire sled ride, and had no reaction other than the tears silently trickling down her face. Tears of joy? Of frigid air assaulting her eyeballs? We'll never know!

winter break 2013

Linnea and Isabella got along as well as could be expected -- that is, they would play near each other and did not interact except to steal toys from each other. As toddlers do.

winter break 2013
winter break 2013

The apartment building in which Whit's dad lives has a heated indoor swimming pool, so in desperation for some physical activity, we suited the girls up and hit the deck. There was actual ice collecting on the inside of the door to the outside.

winter break 2013

Words Linnea was most fond of during this trip:
  1. up (which she uses for both "pick me up" and "I'm climbing up on this chair to my potential doom")
  2. puppy
  3. more [food]
  4. eye

She also seems to be transitioning to one nap, but is super tired in the process. She also is a fan of gjetost, like the good Scandinavian she is.

Oh, Whit and I also got to go on a real date (at this place), which included Left Hand Milk Stout for me (finally!) and some West coast-style IPA for Whit that I didn't even taste because LEFT HAND MILK STOUT. Also, during our date night, we talked about Linnea and who to name as her guardian in case both of us get eaten by an escaped rhinoceros.

Successes include: above date night; Linnea eating the mess out of some turkey meatloaf; taking substantial naps on the plane (both ways); LEFT HAND MILK STOUT; family bonding time; and avoiding frostbite.

winter break 2013

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